Triana Capital Partners provides top quality professional services for families and investors who wish to receive excellence, without having an own family office. For example:

  • Thanks to alliances with prestigious accounting firms clients are offered customized accounting management services.
  • With specialized software tools clients are offered portfolio consolidation in different banks, supervision of mandates and returns and tax returns.
  • Our clients usually have several accounts in different banks and would like to receive consolidated account statements on a regular basis. The aim is to be able to examine the consolidated account statements and compare the return and commissions for all the managers. Our consolidated reports offer clients great transparency on their bank accounts and allow them to obtain a significant control and evaluation of banks and better information when selecting the best available managers.
  • Triana Capital Partners performs cash management services for companies and non-residents who wish to follow their investments in Uruguay, in a professional manner, in real time.
  • Triana Capital Partners researches, evaluates and performs investments in different sectors for its clients. We excel by our expertise in real estate investments, investments in Uruguayan companies with high market value, agribusiness projects and consumer credit trust funds.