The partners of Triana Capital Partners are leading, highly qualified professionals, with outstanding academic and professional training. Each of them has vast experience in renowned financial institutions and a specific knowledge regarding business areas, portfolio management, risk analysis and tax. Thanks to this, Triana Capital Partners offers comprehensive and customized investment solutions.

Triana Capital Partners allocates a high proportion of its income to personnel ongoing training, to guarantee an updated knowledge on investment tools and legislation relating to financial markets.

We visit our clients in their countries of residence on a regular basis.


Triana Capital Partners is an independent Uruguayan company in the area of asset management, with offices in Montevideo. It offers all the range of asset management services, starting from asset management to financial planning and accounting management services.

Triana Capital Partners is committed to Independence and works to the exclusive benefit of its clients, without conflicts of interest.

Triana Capital Partners believes in a sincere client-advisor relationship. It cultivates a friendly relationship with clients, prioritizing long term and capital protection. Clients of Triana Capital Partners benefit from customized asset management solutions specially tailored to meet their specific needs.